Thank you for visiting the website. I’m Regina Mixon Bates, the author of Health Before Wealth and I am very excited to announce the release of my new book entitled Against the Odds. I have a deep-rooted passion for self-improvement and finding grace while continuing on the path to your destiny despite obstacles. I am a serial entrepreneur and love to help people and businesses excel. As a recognized national speaker, I am able to teach principles and practices that assist medical professionals maximize their efficacy and streamline their practices while also offering personal life solutions utilizing my experiences and intermingling personal stories, anecdotes, advice, and some humor. It is my goal to improve the practice of business while uplifting and making suggestions to attain better wellness overall – mind, body, and soul.

On my website you will find information about my books as well as my businesses. You will also find links to my social media pages. I welcome you to stop by, follow, and say hello.

Cheers to your wellness and my best always,

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